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I help women conquer the seemingly unconquerable.

DeAndra Dycus is a native to Indianapolis, IN. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, transformation coach, and national gun safety advocate.


DeAndra's advocacy was birthed when her oldest son DeAndre, was struck in the head by a stray bullet while dancing at a friend's birthday party.  The shattering of that bullet created a pain that birthed purpose.

DeAndra is most known for her gun violence advocacy work, stating that if her son can fight his way back to life, so can she. She has done just that! Ms. Dycus has spoken out against gun violence alongside Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis. She was invited to the White House as a guest of President Obamas, to take part in his plans to take executive action on gun safety. She has worked with Congresswomen Lucy Mcbeth and spoken in press conferences with Senator Murphy and many other congressional leaders



who are fighting for gun safety.

This wife, mother, and entrepreneur has no plans on stopping. Her journey continues as she launches into coaching and workshops. She continues to be a standout businesswoman. Her workshops include advocacy, self- care, and the power behind sharing your story. "My mission is to create a safe space and atmosphere for women who are in need of encouragement, healing, and support because God has given me a special dose of strength to assist and serve women in painful situations. I too have experienced sorrow, pain, and despair but have made it through by faith and resiliency. I want to share what I have learned throughout my journey."

The motto that she lives by is “Be the change that you would like to see in the world.” Mrs. Dycus believes that once you discover how amazing you are by changing inward, the world has no choice but to be prepared for your outward experience



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