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Emotions! Get a Grip

As a woman, I know naturally I am an emotional creature. Creature is a such a good word because when those emotions arise, you may not know who I am, heck sometimes I wonder who this lady is.... just say there goes that CREATURE! (Smiles)

No matter how much truth there is to the fact that women have crazy emotional states, there also must be a time that we recognize when to put them under subjection. We cannot continue to allow them to dominate our decisions, in doing so they can literally ruin relationships and opportunities.

I think putting emotions under subjection comes with the power of the two Ps. Prayer and Practice. I have failed at this way too many times! I have gotten sick of me and my emotions. Ladies I confess this in transparency. We are here to help one another

Something that I have begun to do is ask God to show me the purpose in my storm, instead of allowing frustration and crazy emotional states to overtake me and cause me to continually fail. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and ask God to reveal the lesson.

9 out of 10 times the lesson has been for me more than anyone else. When we are frustrated and overly emotional, we can miss the mark and purpose of a situation. In doing so we will have to go through it more times than we care to, until we get it right.

Ladies I challenge you all to start taking a step back and looking at the mountains and the mole hills of your life. Take a deep breath, before speaking or acting upon a thing, close your eyes, and ask God to reveal what is the lesson you have for me to learn from this Father.

I promise your perspective on the challenges of life will began to change. More than that you will began to grow into this fabulous being of a woman that you want even recognize. I call her a conqueror.

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