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The Power In Saying NO!

Today and most days I will be sharing a moment of transparency. So, lets be clear, I do not go around sharing my business like the local gossip leader at my old high school. (smiles) However, I believe that transparent struggles can help set a heart, a mind, and a soul free! Its my duty to share how God has given me the ability to overcome. We all have that ability but not everyone embraces it.

On a Monday night, not too long ago, I was in my bedroom prepping for my Monday night Facebook Live show, Meaningful Mondays, when all of sudden a wave of fatigue came over me and I could feel myself getting weak, as if I was going to pass out. Before I could hit the ground, I knew it was a must that I try to yell for my son to help me. I mustard up a loud whisper, “Darrius! Son call Eric!" Eric is my husband and I needed him to know that I was down for the count, at least for a moment. As I laid in my bedroom between my closet and my bed, thoughts began to cloud my mind. Am I dying? No, I cannot die, my kids need me! Something about the thought of our kids can put a fight down in us that we did not know existed.

The paramedics arrived and initially thought I was a total mess. Truth is my vitals were textbook great and I had all function of limbs. My voice was only that of a whisper, but I was ok. What I had suffered was from EXHAUSTION.

For too long I allowed myself to be pulled and tugged. Its not that my life is super busy; its that I have struggled with simply saying "No!" I would dance around it or tire myself out trying to come up with an excuse to get out of what I said yes to but then would help, support, or attend anyway. I know, crazy right?! I wore myself out. I struggled with having a schedule that was organized nor did it consistently produce good results.

I was dragging myself under when I knew I had purpose to be on top.

That health scare was eye opening and life changing for me. We are all a work in progress, but I refuse to let my light go dim prematurely due to my inability to stand firm on my "No." Neither should you.

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