"Grow, be healed, conquer, help others."

DeAndra has a very profound and personal message to share with you. She speaks a message of resiliency, hope, and perseverance that helps you to conquer the seemingly unconquerable.



  • From Pain To Purpose 

  • Diagnosis To Destiny

  • My Story...My Truth

  • Resilience. It's In You. Now Let's Birth It!


My mission is to create a safe space and atmosphere for women who are in need of encouragement, healing, and support by providing valuable talks, programs, and workshops that render life-altering results. My vision is to speak to women all around the world and make a profound difference in their lives.


I desire to help these women because God has given me a special dose of strength to assist and serve women in painful situations. I too have experienced sorrow, pain, and despair but have made it through by faith and resiliency. I want to share what I have learned throughout my journey.

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