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01/ Grief

We all have pain but it is what we do with it or how we navigate through it that makes us or breaks us! Will you be made into something new from being in the valley or will you allow God to reveal what His purpose is behind it to set you on the mountain top? This training will equip you will not only tools but the confidence to keep going. Giving you a mindset that giving up is not an option. All while resting in the fact that it's ok to cry, its ok to get mad, but it is never ok to throw in the towel.

02/ Early Relationships

In this interactive workshop, DeAndra speaks on the extreme importance of taking care of self first and not feeling guilty about it.  She focuses on the fact that we cannot pour out into others if we are empty ourselves.

03/ Women Empowerment & Support

This is an introductive workshop on speaking publicly or on social media about causes that are important to you. In this training fears of public speaking will be addressed along with learning the basics of creating a 2-minute advocacy piece that expresses your stance on issues that are most important to you.

04/ Sharing Your Story, Owning Your Truth

During this workshop, you will learn the power behind sharing your personal story. This workshop will start with a self- evaluation and reviewing where you are in your journey. After the self-discovery, you will journal the key points of your story. You will be asked to partner with another class attendee to practice before presenting in front of the entire class.  We’ll work through developing different length versions of your story – from a 30-second pitch to a 15-minute keynote address.

05/ Diagnosis To Destiny

This is a powerful yet transparent workshop created to let parents who have children who received a heartbreaking diagnosis, after living a "normal" life, know that life will go on. How to navigate your thoughts on how the world will now see you and to conquer pain and depression before it conquers you. This will also include practical tools on looking at your diagnosis as a catalyst to an unlikely yet favorable destiny!

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